Our Commitment to the Environment
Cawley is committed to protecting the environment. We have taken steps in our office and factory to minimize environmental impact by reducing energy consumption to reduce our carbon footprint. By recycling, we reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills and ease the pressure on our limited natural resources.
Throughout our Manufacturing Facility
  • Implementing a New Accounting and Ordering System towards paperless.
  • Complete replacement of over 450 lights to T8 bulbs, T8 bulbs are environmentally friendly and reduce energy consumption by 33%.
  • All obsolete electronics are recycled.
  • Toner/Ink cartridges are recycled.
  • We shred and recycle all paper files.
  • Aluminum, Steel, and other scrap metal is recycled.
  • Battery recycling.
  • All recyclable items used by office and plant is separated and recycled (Plastic-Paper-Aluminum-Glass).
  • Packaging materials for goods received are recyclable.
  • Paper filler is used in product we ship rather than plastic products.
  • We package as many products as possible in paper rather than plastics.
  • All crates and pallets are recycled.
  • High percentage of cleaning products used are environmentally friendly.
  • Energy efficient Heating & Air Conditioning system using computer technology to control the environment.

Our Products
  • Cawley Name Badges are reusable and recyclable.
  • Steel and Aluminum Badges are recyclable.
  • Wood Award Plaques can be recycled.
  • Plastic Recyclable Badges.
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